Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Grateful Blog

Saw a thread on Facebook that showed a jar and said that every day you should write something good that happens every day for 2014 into the jar and read them all New Years Eve 2014.

Great idea and instead of putting them in a jar, I am adding them to this blog post.

Jan. 1, 2014 - got to spend the day with my two grandsons before they went back to Virginia.
Jan. 2 - airline canceled my flight to Florida due to the blizzard we are expecting. While I am sad I won't be able to see my cousins, I am relieved to not have to stay in a hotel tonight and worry about digging my car out of the snow to make a flight.
Jan. 3 - grateful the snow wasn't as bad as predicted and my husband had a snowblower to easily plow the cars and sidewalks.
Jan. 4-  read on Facebook that our neighbors pipes had frozen. Found a space heater, Neil took it over with a fan to help thaw out the pipe. Glad we did something helpful!
Jan. 5 - the weather is getting a little better!
Jan. 8 - great meeting today!
Jan. 16 - made a new friend today.
Jan. 17 - our VFW Auxiliary members have stepped up to make our March fundraiser awesome! We asked them to donate an item for auction baskets, many volunteered to make whole baskets! They were awesome.
Jan. 23 - went to Virginia today with oldest daughter to surprise younger daughter for her birthday. Boy was she surprised!
Jan. 24 - went to the movies with my oldest daughter.
Jan. 25 - took my youngest grandsons to get their birthday pictures taken. The two photographers at
Potrait Innovations in Midlothian, VA were awesome!
Jan. 26 - made it home in 6 hours from VA! It was great not having to drive!
Jan. 29 - Dr. Said no damage done to my knee when I fell down steps 3 weeks ago.
Jan. 30 - visited with Mom, she feels much better than yesterday. Spent day helping Dad with paperwork.
Feb. 2 - Superbowl. Was a beautiful day for the Polar Bear swim!
Feb. 3- made it home safely after going to the drugstore in the snow!
Feb. 4 - in Virginia to celebrate Jakes birthday Thursday.
Feb. 5- spent a few hours out with Logan today to give his Mom time to make cupcakes for Jakes class party tomorrow. universita-degli-studi-di-cassino-la-guida-di-europeme, agenda, back-for-good, barcellona, bologna, borse-di-studio, concerti, concorsi, consigli-erasmus, cultura, davide-faraldi, erasmus, esn, esperienze-erasmus, eurogeneration, europa, europeme, firenze, generazione-erasmus, germania, guida, guida-dello-studente, guida-universita, guide, guide-universita, identita-europea, ipod, italia, lavorare-europa, libri, libri-sullerasmus, lorenzo-moroni, low-cost, meipi, napoli, partecipazione, roma-lazio-universita, salerno, sondaggio, spagna, stage, studenti, studiare,