Sunday, October 5, 2014

Found over Indonesia on a Lombok Tour Package

Found over Indonesia on a Lombok Tour Package, Lombok Island in Indonesia which is beautiful may not be as popular as its neighbor very much hyped Bali, but only worthy of exploration as a travel destination. Especially for the most dedicated travelers, good, satisfactory travel experience not only means exploring the most popular places that ever existed on the planet. It also means that less popular across his own gift of popularity, one of the rewards of the lesser known destination may actually offer untouched natural beauty, which, after all, is one of the main goals was traveling around different places far from home. On this note, Lombok tour packages will surely be a good choice, both for its natural beauty and pure as to its affordability.

Below are some of the attractions that make it a good investment objectives of the passage of time and resources:

Mount Rinjani National Park: Mount Rinjani National Park is the area of ​​41 330 hectares (159.6 square miles) of nature reserves and water catchment and includes an additional 66,000 acres (250 square miles) of protected forest adjacent. Mount Rinjani as a whole is the second highest peak in Indonesia, and is increasingly becoming popular among mountain climbers. Locals regard as a sacred mountain, and the crater is a place for pilgrimage Saganak thousands who believe that making offerings in the waters and bathing in the hot springs can cure the disease.

Gili Islands: Popular among tourists who after experience remote island, Gili Islands consists of three islands are coral made ​​naturally perfect and stunning white sand dotted with pine trees. The government has banned the use of cars in islands, and the means of transport available is called cidomo carriage, or alternatively, by foot or bicycle. Incredible coral formations, as well as most of the rich marine life has been diving in Gili popular activity among visitors and locals alike.

Mas: Mas is a stunning beauty, decorated on the left with gently rolling hills and small rural villages sheltering under a green valley. On the right side is the sea stretching, which paint the beautiful blue color in the sun. Among Mas and Taun township sprawls a magnificent arc of white and water.

Senggigi Beach and Resort: Known as Lombok's most developed tourist area, is home to Senggigi and comfort facilities such as bars, cafes, discos, and restaurants, most of which are found on the main beach road.

Kuta Beach: South Beach is known as Kuta Lombok. Kuta offers a stunning bay is characterized by white sand and crystal clear waters, and good surfing waves. Kuta is less busy than other parts of Lombok, so it is perfect for a quiet holiday. Various accommodation is available, ranging from relatively luxurious hotels most affordable homestay. The most popular activities in this area include surfing, relaxing in the sun and surf.


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