Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's Your Dream Vacation?

Please help us with one of our future newsletters! If money were no object - what is your dream vacation? What's on your bucket list?

For a long time, Hawaii was on our bucket list. We traveled to several islands in a week by doing an NCL cruise, the only 7 night cruise that does several islands. Checked that off.

A dolphin swim was another dream. Did that twice, once in Bermuda (wouldn't bother with that again) and once in Ocho Rios - excellent! (There are also good ones in Nassau, the Bahamas). Another one checked off the list.

What's left? Hmmmm...Australia/New Zealand. Thank you Oprah for your recent visit - while this wasn't on the top of our list, once we saw the magnificent scenery it moved up a couple of notches.

A month exploring Italy. Need to win the lottery for this one. While we have the time, we'd like to see not only the biggest tourist areas, but spend time exploring littler known areas and visiting the place of our family heritage, Calabria.

China - land and a river cruise - another must see. Terra cotta warriors, the Great Wall.

Ireland - fly drive. Stay in B & B's and a couple of castles along the way.

What is your dream? Please add your comments - we will be putting these together for one of our monthly newsletters. If you'd like to receive our newsletter - send us your e-mail address and we'd be happy to add you. We have one of the few newsletters that no one ever opts out of receiving because they love the information we provide!

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