Monday, September 23, 2013

How To Save Money On A Disney World Vacation

Let's face it - family travel isn't cheap. I've gasped when pricing park tickets for a day out with the kids and grandkids. I've purchased tickets online, saved soda cans and taken coupons from McDonalds and Burger King for amusement park savings.

If you've been to Disney World, you know that even Disney can be expensive for families, but we have some tricks to help you save money on your next Disney World Vacation.

#1 - Stay on property. You'll save a lot of time getting from park to park as well as money on parking fees at the parks by staying on property. Even if you stay at a hotel that offers free shuttles, the shuttle hours may not be convenient  when you want to leave and go back to the hotel.  If you have to wait an hour for a hotel shuttle with over tired crying kids, you'll realize that staying on property would have been a better idea.

Disney's new Art of Animation offers great value for families with their larger themed suites which can often cost less than booking adjoining rooms for the kids at a value resort.

Another huge advantage of staying on property is when the kids have their afternoon meltdowns from being over-tired, jump on the bus, tram or boat back to your resort, let everyone nap or chill out and then go back at night.

#2 - Consider how many days you will actually be going to the parks. If you book a 5 night Disney package, Disney automatically sells 6 day park tickets. If you will be leaving the last day, you don't need that sixth day ticket. If you want to go to another park, such as Universal or Sea World, you won't need Disney tickets for those days. And you may have a day when everyone just wants to hand at the pool.  So think hard about the number of days or even if you need a park hopper. You can save a little money with the one day one park pass in stead of the park hopper, where you'll feel like you have to park hop to take advantage of the ticket.

#3 - When staying on property, take advantage of the Extra Hours program. Find out which park will have the extended hours each day and use them - it is especially nice first thing in the morning to hit the most popular rides.

#4 - When you are traveling with kids, consider purchasing the Quick Service dining plan vs. eating in sit down restaurants. Most of the time the kids are so excited they don't want to take time for long meals. Quick service usually is fine for most kids. Splurge on a Character Breakfast one day. It's less expensive than dinner and you can often skip lunch because you'll still be full from the breakfast.

#5 - Hit the toy store before you leave for your vacation and pack gifts Disney themed gifts for the kids.Buying the same things on property is more expensive.

#6 - Bring your own snacks from home and pack them in snack bags and take them to the park. You'll save a ton of money vs. buying them in the park.

#7 - Fastpasses are great for the most popular rides but don't bother using them for rides that have less than a 20 minute wait or for shows that seats large crowds. Download the free app "My Disney Experience Walt Disney World" on your cell phone and you will be able to have information on current wait times at rides.

# 8 - Check out the website Not only will you find a list of future events, you'll also find hints on where to find characters in the park and overlooked attractions at each park. It is a great resource for Disney travel.

Call us to book your next Disney vacation. We have experience with determining the best resort for your family and you have us if things go wrong - 516- 608-0568.

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