Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beanies for Baghdad

Do you have a load of Beanie Babies, Webkinz, stuffed animals, Matchbox cars and other small toys that you'd like to find a new home for? We recently found a wonderful organization called Beanies for Baghdad that you can donate these items to.

They will provide you with the name of a soldier in Iraq, Kosovo, Pakistan, Africa, and Afghanistan. You'll mail your items to the service men and women who give them out to children as they work in the communities these children live in as a measure of good will to build better relationships. Many of these children as very poor and have never had toys or any type of luxury item.

This organization is in it's 8th year. To date, Beanies for Baghdad has received and distributed over 2 MILLION TOYS and tons of school supplies to the children of War Torn Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and humanitarian missions in Africa and Pakistan. They accept not only toys, but school suppliers, warm children's clothing, treats and anything your kids would enjoy.

We packed two boxes of items leftover from a recent garage sale, e-mailed Donna Ward at the organization and received the name and address of a soldier overseas to mail the items to. Because the items are light weight, we mailed them in two fairly large boxes via priority mail (rather than the smaller flat rate shipping boxes) for less than $14.00 for both boxes. That is all it cost to ship over 50 toys to be distributed by our "soldier". It was very easy. You will also receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation.

This is a great fundraising opportunity for a school classroom, a military organization.

Read all about this great organization on their website:

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