Monday, March 14, 2011

How We Compete With Online Companies

Why is booking a vacation with us better than booking with an online company?

We have a one word answer - SERVICE. Many online agencies are all about price but not service. The value in the service you receive from us far outweighs anything you can find online. Here are a few reasons why:

- You have an advocate if something goes wrong

You can pick up the phone and call us if there is a problem with your vacation, either before or after. Flights canceled? Make sure the OLA has your e-mail address, because in many cases you may only receive an e-mail advising you of the cancellation or change and you are on your own to deal with the airline to rebook. We contact the airlines for you and rebook.

Did you arrive at the resort and find you didn't get the right room category? Or the room is not what you expected? Good luck contacting the supplier. We, on the other hand, will work immediately with the supplier to resolve the issue.

Need to file an insurance claim? You'll receive no help from an OLA. We assist with paperwork and act as a liason between you and the insurance company.

-You usually do not need to pay in full at the time of booking when you book with us

Unless you are booking after the final payment date or are booking a restricted rate that requires payment in full, you only need to pay a deposit when booking with us, with a final payment date closer to your actual travel date. That allows you to book before you may have the full payment. When booking with an online agency, you will have to pay in full at the time of booking.

- We provide expert advice about your cruise, resort or tour before you book.

We'll give you unbiased information on the resort, ship or tour you are booking, to help determine if it is the right supplier for you. We'll help find the right room or cabin category for you. We have information on your resort or ship that you won't find on your own and have many tips for booking. We know passport and visa requirements. We may have actual pictures of the resort or ship because we've been there.

Need to book a connecting flight? We know how much time there should be in between your flights to ensure you don't miss the second flight. (We've had people contact us after booking with an OLA after realizing that their connecting flights had an 18 hour layover that they didn't notice when they booked - too late for us to help).

- We have suppliers that do price matching!

Yes, in many cases we can get the price you see online. For cruises, we provide an onboard credit for each booking. We are specialists with many resorts and have a surprise welcome gift sent, or we may be able to obtain a free upgrade for you.

- We provide destination information for each booking

You won't book with us and never hear from us until final payment. We send you information on your destination, from weather to excursion information, to restaurant recommendations.

These value added items can't be found online - only by booking with us. So please keep us in mind when you want to travel!

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