Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Efficient Packing for your Vacation

You've planned and booked your vacation, made your payments and are feeling the excitement of your departure date getting closer.  One thing that I procrastinate doing is packing because the task appears to be daunting. How much should I pack? How is the weather where I am going? Do I need to pack casual, business casual, formal or just bring bathing suits?  What if it is cold at night and hot during the day? 

Am I going on a trip that I can unpack once and repack at the end of the vacation?  Or am I touring and staying one or two nights in several hotels?

One way I have found to alleviate the dread of packing is by using packing cubes.  These can be found on websites such as EBags or Magellans and have made my traveling life much easier.

We recently went on a nine day trip to Ireland, where 5 nights were spent in three different hotels and  three additional days at a different hotel each night. If not for my packing cubes, my suitcase would have been a darn mess.

This is how I packed for nine nights.  Each packing cube contained three days worth of clothing - pants, tops, pajamas, underwear and socks. All I had to do was remove one cube on day one and had clothes for the first three days without having to touch the other cubes.  Once I went through all those clothes, it was time to use cube 2, and so on. I had an additional cube for cosmetics and liquids, and a third for jackets.  And I bring a compressions bag for dirty clothes - just roll the bag down to remove the air and you'll have much more room in your suitcase going home.

If you are traveling to the Caribbean and will be at an all inclusive where you will pack and unpack once, you can use smaller cubes for bathing suits and cover ups, one for your tops, one for bottoms, one for undies and pajamas.  Instead of a suitcase looking like a bomb exploded at the local thrift shop, just pull out your cubes and put them in the drawers - voila, instant organizing.

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