Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hotel Review- Killarney Tower Hotel - Ireland

Killarney Towers Hotel

In a wonderful location in the middle of Killarney is the Killarney Tower Hotel. This is rated a 4* hotel and it certainly lives up to that reputation. You'll enter a sleek, modern looking lobby with the reception desk on the left.

The rest of the hotel is decorated in beautiful darkwood throughout. The halls are beautiful and lighting enhances the wood.

The rooms are small but elegantly appointed. The king sized bed is comfortable. There are extra pillows in the closet which will probably be needed.There are two upholstered chairs and a table in the room.

The only issue we had with the room is the lack of storage space. There is a long bureau that the flat screen tv is on that appears to have a compact refrigerator in on the left side but in fact holds a coffee pot and hair dryer - no refrigerator at all. There are three small drawers for storage, not enough for much. The closet has several hangers which are difficult to get to due to the bar being hung from the back of the closet to the front. There are two nightstands with a small drawer in each.

The bathroom is small but beautiful. There sink area is marble, and there is a jacuzzi tub, a rarity in any hotel. The bathroom has great amenities- shampoo,body wash, body lotion, soap, shower cap and grooming kit. There is a built in shelf above the toilet that has plenty of storage space.

All rooms have air conditioning and more important are quiet. It was extremely clean as is the entire hotel. Our room, 331, was located next to a storage room that had was sounds like a water heater or the main air conditioning unit in it. We heard a slight humming noise all the time, but it quickly became white noise and we didn't notice it much and after the noisy room at our prior hotel this didn't bother us.

There is a very good restaurant in the hotel called the Innisfallen Restaurant that served a good buffet breakfast (included in rate) and dinner (extra but reasonably priced). There is also a restaurant called O'Donoghue's Public House offers a full menu from 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm. O'Donoghue's also has local entertainment each evening beginning at 9:30 pm. Room service is available between 12 noon and 9 pm, with a limited menu available between 9 pm and 7 am. Breakfast room service is available by filling out the door hanger card and leaving in your door before 3 am.

There are three other entertainment venues at the hotel - The Kube Bar, Scruffy's Bar and The Crypt Nightclub.

The hotel has a large indoor pool as well as a well equipped gym. There are also spa services available at the sister hotel, Killarney Plaza.

We were very satisfied with our stay at Killarney Towers and wouldn't hesitate to stay here again or recommend it for clients. 

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